Top Five Cheap Banjo For Instrument Lovers

Banjo is a famous instrument that originated in South Africa. It has gained widespread popularity as part of Americana music, a staple in bluegrass music and other folk music. It produces the sound that musicians can transform to complement other lead instruments. Read further to find cheap banjo for beginner and expert musicians.

Top cheap banjos for musicians

  • Gold-tone Five-string Banjo– People who have a low budget can buy a gold-tone AC-1 banjo. This cheap and quality banjo consists of a composite rim and weighs less than 4 lbs which makes it easier to carry around. Gold-tone banjo offers an optimal setup, so you can choose this without making any changes.
  • Deering Goodtime Five-string Banjo- This is a quality instrument from the USA that comes at an affordable price. It is the right choice for musicians who are looking to practice and go from beginner to advanced. This banjo is open back and is very lightweight which makes it easier to carry around while traveling. Music lovers can also carry it during trekking and camping to play it for the group. It is not as loud as other banjos due to the presence of resonators which makes it a better option for playing in the wild. Its neck is slender, and this instrument has natural blonde maple. Its tone ring has a violin-grade maple rim and a single coordinator rod, so musicians can adjust it easily according to their playing style. This instrument is well suited for small and large hands. If you prefer to play a heavier banjo that consists of the resonator, you can buy Deering Goodtime two 5-string banjos.
  • Deering Goodtime two 5-string Banjo– This consists of the resonator to provide loud and heavy music with a brighter tone. You can find this instrument in bluegrass-style music because of its sound quality. It is considered one of the finest banjos due to the presence of a light maple neck and rim. It has a maple resonator on the instrument that increases its weight to 6 lbs. It is a low-cost instrument widely used in recordings, and during stage plays due to its loud sound.
  • Ibanez B50 5-string Banjo natural– Ibanez is commonly known as the producer of guitars, however, they have a few cheap banjos that you can find useful. It is good for the people that are starting their musical journey, and need a cheap banjo. This B50 Banjo has a classic mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard with a closed back. It weighs around 5.3 lbs, so it is best for those people who are constant travelers. This banjo produces bright and strong tones that are different from closed backs. Ibanez b50 Banjo is the best banjo you can get at such an affordable rate.
  • Gold-Tone CC-100R cripple creek Banjo– Gold tone is a popular instrument in bluegrass music and the most viable option for beginner and intermediate levels. They come under some of the best instruments at a price under $1000. It might not be an American instrument, but it produces quality music. CC-100R Cripple creek model weighs 6.5 lbs and comes at a cheap price for novice players. It consists of a bright maple rim and neck that are designed to produce bright and loud sound with the wood resonator inside it. If your overall budget is in the range of $500 to $800 and is easy to buy for practice. It will help you climb to an advanced level and brush up on your skills.

Next time you are looking for banjos in an affordable range, these five should be your top choice.

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