San Francisco Real Estate Agent: Trustable & Licensed Professionals

Buying and selling real estate properties at profitable prices is a dream of every individual. It would be best if you had proper guidance and deep knowledge to do proper research to buy or sell a property in the cutthroat competition of the market. Thankfully, “Real Estate Agents” serve this purpose efficiently for you. They are licensed professionals who guide you at every phase of a property sale, from scouting out an advertisement to finalizing the deal. Therefore, you can go for trustable and licensed professionals with San Francisco Real Estate Agent.


A “Real Estate Agent” is a certified professional with a license to arrange real estate transactions and represent the buyers or sellers in the legal negotiations and deals of real estate properties. They earn through the commissions compensated in the deals, i.e., the profit percentage of the selling price of the property. However, the percentage of the profit received by the agents depends on the region/state and real estate brokerage firm.

Working with Real Estate Agents 

Real estate agents have the specialization to work in commercial and residential properties. They perform various duties depending on their clients, who can be buyers or sellers.

  • Agents working for sellers– The agents working for the sellers are called “Listing Agents.” They advise and guide the clients on the effective pricing of the property, preparation of the property for sale, tips and tricks for last-minute improvements, and many more points. All these strategies boost the price of the real estate property and promote speedy offers with efficient marketing. They market the property through channeled networks, listing services, and advertisements on online and offline platforms. Thus, they help to make a profitable deal for the client.
  • Agents are working for buyers– They search for the properties available in the buyers’ price range and wish list. They plan the appointments for inspecting the property before making a deal. They research past sales data to compare the properties to help prospective buyers to get a fair bid for buying the property. The agents have fantastic negotiation skills with which they protect the clients from scams and fraud. They help to purchase the properties at a fair price for their clients.

They help their clients through the paperwork, legal rules, effective communications, and inspections to decide a final price.

General Duties of Real Estate Agents 

The day-to-day responsibilities of the agents depend upon whether they are working with a buyer or a seller. But there are some general duties which all the agents perform. These duties include research work, administrative work, and marketing of the property. The following duties of the agents help their clients immensely to make the right decisions.

  • Research work– It includes the study of current trends in the markets, performing analysis of real estate markets, finding properties, and searching the property lists. They do everything to ensure the best practices to satisfy the clients.
  • Administrative work- It includes all the official tasks like answering phone calls, replying to emails, going through the legal section of buying or selling properties in a specific area, scheduling appointments, updating the proceedings, and drafting and delivering the documents. They discuss the clients’ needs and narrow the search options to gather the properties that fit perfectly into their wish lists.
  • Marketing work– This is the most critical task for hiring real estate agents. With a perfect marketing strategy, they attract potential buyers and sellers of real estate properties. This includes creating and distributing the properties, digital marketing through social media presence, building a broad network with potential clients in the local market, and running advertising campaigns on online and offline platforms.


Real estate agents are qualified professionals with good expertise in buying and selling properties. They have broad connections with widely distributed networks of various communities and industries. They understand the market’s current trends very well, due to which they are capable of helping their clients to make smart decisions regarding real estate properties.

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