Loading in Silverton: The best place to spend vacations

The historic community of Silverton occupies less than one square mile, making it the best location to go for a vacation. Lodging in Silverton comes down to one’s budget according to how far they want to walk or get around the town.

Why choose Silverton?

Silverton is a statutory town that is the country seat, the most populous community, and the only incorporated municipality in San Juan Country, Colorado, United States. The town’s location is in a remote part of the western San Juan mountains, a range of the Rocky Mountains.

Silverton town has a long history of tourism, and efforts to market tourism by the Silverton Commercial Club date back as early as 1913. By the 1930s, interest in the “Old West” was already attracting tourists worldwide, to which the newly constructed U.S. Route 550 further enabled access. By the 1970s, with almost all mining operations in the region shattered, the train was almost entirely operated for tourism.

Tourism in Silverton-

Tourism continued to increase later in the 20th century, but Silverton’s harsh winters in isolation made it a summer-only attraction. The town’s population, buoyed by vital summer tourism and an emerging winter economy, has since recovered. The expert-level ski area in Silverton mountain and the Purgatory resort are all now a part of tourist attractions.

Most of the hotels in Silverton are located  Silverton hotels are within walking distance of shopping, dining, and activities. All accommodations offer incredible mountain views and modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi. When choosing an ideal stay, one should consider their budget and preferred experience. Living in Silverton offers residents a spare suburban field; most own their homes.

Triangle Motel of Silverton

Silverton has been a place of tourism for ages. Different motels and stations are available in the town at different places top. The Triangle motel and station 550 north is the top famous and renowned mortal. Their service is top-notch. The motel is open year-round with lower rates in the spring and fall. Customers need everything a short walk away, including shops, restaurants, groceries, museums,  tours, and hiking trails. They have also opened a new convenience store and gas station on the property, making it easier for the customers to enjoy their vacation. One can also have an easy drive to 4×4 trials in the Silverton mountains. They provide ethanol-free fuel available for OHVs right at the hotel. Other facilities provided by the Hotel residency are –

  1. Complimentary continental breakfast.
  2. Super clean rooms with all the facilities available inside.
  3. The overflow parking lot for the trailers.
  4. The hotel is pet friendly. It allows every kind of pet to Rome around the hotel corner and takes good care of them.
  5. It is family-friendly.
  6. The hotel has basic knowledge and helpful stuff play.

Apart from these other room facilities includes-

  • Room with one king-sized bed- The first floor has been newly renovated. It is clean, modern, and comfortable for perfect living. It also offers a king-size bed along with an ensuite bathroom.
  • Multiple suits with Full kitchen- Few of the rooms have pretty unique features. They provide a full kitchen with a microwave, small ovens, four-burner stove-top, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee maker, and a flat-screen TV with direct free Wi-Fi. This can be considered a mini home for the customer.

There are a lot more options that one can opt for to stay in Silverton. Lodging in Silverton is way more accessible with these facilities. To know more, you may look over the web and gather more info.

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