Best golf balls for Beginners

Those just beginning out in the game will frequently be seeking for a golf ball that not only performs well, but also comes at a reasonable price.

However, it is worth noting that beginners, like all other golfers, have extremely diverse swings, swing speeds, and launch characteristics, which means that a ball that is great for one may not be the best for another. It would be incorrect to think that all newcomers will be seeking for additional distance — a powerful, well-built rugby player just starting out in the game may want no assistance in that regard.

Some novices may wish to start with the greatest premium golf balls on the market, but they will be swamped by those who prefer to invest more prudently in their early golfing years. While not all beginners’ demands are the identical, the most typical ball requirements will be: something to assist you optimise your striking distances; enough feel for those strokes around the green; and a price that won’t break the bank.


The compression of the ball is arguably the most essential aspect to consider when purchasing a beginning golf ball. This is due to the fact that novices usually have a slower swing speed, and there is a direct relationship between swing speed and best golf balls for beginners.

The more the golf ball compression required, the faster you swing the golf club. This is why tour professionals will utilise greater compression golf balls to increase driving distance and overall performance. High handicapper golf balls, on the other hand, will usually require less compression owing to the slower swing speed to optimise their maximum golf ball speed.


Beginner will lose more golf balls than more seasoned golfers throughout a round. This implies you may need to have additional golf balls in your bag before hitting the course, especially if it is a hazard-filled course.

With golf balls costing a considerable amount of money, if you are a frequent golfer, it is worth paying attention to the price of the golf balls that you are purchasing, especially if you are a novice.

Course Conditions

You should also consider the time of year you will be playing golf. Even if you have a quick swing speed, the ideal golf ball for cold conditions would most likely be something with lesser compression.

Best Premium Alternative

Titleist’s immensely popular Pro V1 is up next. Another excellent golf ball with which you cannot go wrong. This is true for players of all skill levels who choose these golf balls. Overall, we like these balls since they allow you to achieve your best performance as a novice golfer, whether it’s off the tee or having a precise short game around the green.

The beauty of these balls is that they will be used by pros because they are designed for people with rapid swing rates, but they will also perform just as well for novices or older golfers looking for golf balls. Furthermore, being from a quality brand like Titleist, you can be confident that they are more durable than competitors on the market for best key fob signal blocker.

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